Welding Coordination

Welding is a unique process pertaining to the process of reliably securing the conjunction of two materials. It is therefore crucial and imperative that it requires careful planning and execution. Specifications and standards are key factors relating to its execution, safety, efficiency and quality

Theuns Engineering provides support when it comes to combining welding execution, planning and project requirements on a reliable, practical and safe way. Performance is based upon IWE-qualification according the International Institute of Welding.

An important specialism offered by Theuns Engineering is the full organization of welding qualification programs for all kinds of materials within offshore applications. But we also support other businesses and/or small scale welding matters.

Frank Theuns, founder of Theuns Engineering, had a rich and long term career as a welding engineer, dealing with all kinds of welding challenges. He fulfilled this role for seven years at one of Holland’s largest offshore companies (Heerema) where he also he directed teams of welders and foremen. As a material examiner he gained a thorough knowledge of a wide diversity of materials.

Theuns Engineering`s support is based on a seldom combination of knowledge and practical experience.