Corrosion Protection

Corrosion is the deterioration of materials due to exposure against its environment. Especially deterioration of metals as a result of electrochemical reactions occurs often. Typical examples like wind turbine foundations or oil and gas platforms are subject to these influences.

To limit manufacturing, maintenance and decommissioning costs and to comply with latest environmental standards constructions life cycle times need to be extended. To meet this objective corrosion occurrence must be limited or even avoided by design change, change of construction materials, cathodic protection or the application of a protective layer.

Theuns Engineering is NACE certified and has gained broad experience with corrosion protection systems for offshore constructions. We can serve you when it comes to design related questions and/or provide inspections during the coating application process to ensure conformity with client requirements.

Typical examples of inspections are: humidity measurements, dew point determination, roughness tests, determination of salt contents, dry film thickness measurements, wet film thickness measurements and holiday testing